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*registration form Registration Form2013.doc  &  Registration Form2013.pdf


*general info(contents are same as below) 

 1. Program Period July 1 - August 9(6 weeks)

 2. Regular Class Time 9:00am - 12:30pm(Monday through Friday)

 3. Programs Target 1st - 12th Grade(1st-8th / 9-10th / 11-12th)

 4. Course Subject English & Math | PSAT | SAT | ESL(6-9th)

       *Note: Final level of class will be determined by Assessment Test

 5. After School program 1:00 - 3:00pm(Monday through Thursday)

        ✍ Writing : 6th grade and up

        ✍ Math : 10th - 12th grade

        ✍ Elementary Program : 1st - 5th grade

       *Note: Available in regular class student only.

 6. Program Fee Tuiition(including materials): $500(1stchild)/$450(2nd)/$400(3rd)

                        After School Program: $200(each student)


Additional late fee of $50 will be charged after May 31, 2013.

 7. Registration & Assessment Test Fee $50(non-refundable)

 8. Refund Policy within first week: 75%, within second week: 50 %,

                         within third week: 25%, after third week: no refund

 9. Assessment Test June 20th (Thurs.) 7:30pm (FAMILY CENTER)

        & Orientation *Parent's orientation will be held.

Due to the class size limit (maximum 12 per each class), students who wish to attend the Summer Enrichment Program, should return the registration form with $50 of nun-refundable processing fee including assessment test

no later than May 31th, 2013(Personal Check or Money Order only).

Registration Form2013.doc & Registration Form2013.pdf


First Korean United Methodist Church is planning a six-week summer enrichment program(July 1-August 9, 2013)
for children starting from 1st grade to 12 grade in the coming academic year.
The mission of our summer program is to provide growing children with a quality academic program
under God's words during the summer time.

As you may remember, our program was well received and has established a good reputation since its start in 2000,
as a part of outreach program and community service of our church.
The success of the program is mainly due to your continuous spport.

2013 Summer School Registration form and informations are attached files as below.

Registration Form2013.doc & Registration Form2013.pdf

A regular program for English and Math and extended special program for English Writing program(6th grade and up) and for Math Program(10th - 12th Grade) and for elementary students(1st - 5th grade) are offered from July 1 thru August 9, 9:00-12:30pm(1:00-3:00pm for wirting and elementary program) Monday thru Thursday.

Your early registration is very important due to limitation of classroom space and time needed to recruit quality teachers. More importantly, any late registration over the excessive capacity of each class(max. 12) will not be expected.

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